Marketing Services

We're on a quest to deepen the creative conversation and inspire sincere communication. One of the most direct applications of this ethos is in the world of business.

We offer a core menu of marketing and storytelling services. If you're a brand looking for help telling your story, drop us a line. If our values reflect your values, we'd love to help, and we believe we can.


What can we do?


Social Media

Social Media is all about consistency. No matter what platform your audience is on, we can create daily posts to keep you top of mind for your audience. We are experts in learning your brand voice and creating compelling posts that bring value to your customers.



There are few better ways than a regular blog to establish yourself as a vivid figure in your community - an expert and a storyteller. We'll work with you to pen the posts you've been wanting to but haven't had time for.

Email marketing

You've been collecting all these emails - but have you been using them effectively? We'll work with you to put together campaigns that get opened, read, and generate a postive response. You don't have emails? We can create campaigns for list-building too.



If you aren't sure where to start or where things are going wrong, bring us in to study your marketing situation, research the market, and present clear, actionable solutions for you and your team.

Who are we?

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Jordan Ekeroth

Jordan is the host of The Reindeer Club Podcast, self-published author, and a passionate creator. He loves connections; connecting problems to solutions and people to each other. Jordan works to empower people with ways to tell their story better.

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Jade Goodwin

Jade is an alumni of Point Loma Nazarene University where she studied various writing styles and the art of storytelling, making her a dynamic writer who creates compelling work for a wide variety of clients. A firm believer in honesty and attention to detail, she handles every task with diligence and precision. 

So why hire us?

Our passion is to engage our world at a ground level, having regular conversations with our neighbors and peers about what moves them.

We sure as hell aren't going to use that knowledge to help dishonest brands trick people into buying crap they don't need. 

But if you have a quality product, a product that makes a difference, and you need help sharing your message with your audience on a regular basis, we're the right people for the job.

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