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a message from the founder:

Hi everyone,

I started The Reindeer Club to build a platform where artists and entrepreneurs - at any stage of their career - could have candid conversations about their hopes, fears, passions, failures, wisdom, etc.

I'm fascinated by creative people, be they artists, entrepreneurs, or simply people full of wonder.I'm always trying to push past the status quo and wrestle with topics related to the creative life that are often ignored; things like depression, consumerism, cynicism, meaning, identity, and more. I also want to talk politics - because laws and ideologies affect people's ability to create too. There are so many of things that we all deal with, but often have a hard time talking about. I want to create a space to talk about them..

You can read more on our About page, but for the time being, thanks for being here.

-Jordan Ekeroth


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