Jordan Ekeroth

Join The Reindeer Club Team!

Jordan Ekeroth
Join The Reindeer Club Team!

Hi everyone,

As you may have noticed, The Reindeer Club podcast has been growing really steadily since I started it a year ago. I’m putting out an episode just about every single week. We’re getting a few hundred plays on every single one of them, sometimes more. Since I started putting together community nights in the fall, we get several dozen people coming out anytime we host a new one.

It’s really exciting!

But I need some help right now. I need a team.

This project isn’t making anyone any money, so I can’t pay you, but it’s bringing people together in some really awesome ways. And I’ve got a lot more I want to accomplish this year.

Here’s what I need:

A/V Specialist

I need help editing the episodes. It’s not hard or complicated. I can train you how to do it.

Apply for this role if: You’re interested in learning about or getting into audio production. No experience necessary.

Requirements: Own a computer that can handle processing audio. Be able to commit ~2 hours per week.

Marketing/PR Specialist

This one is less immediate, but I’m definitely going to need help in the near future with reaching out to bigger-name guests (artists, founders, musicians) and coordinating interviews. On the marketing side, I can also use some help with sharing more on social media and keeping our community engaged.

Apply for this role if: You have experience in or are interested in getting into marketing or PR. If you want to connect with people who are doing some amazing things and be a crucial part of building a community of creative folks who are ready to engage in important issues.

Event Planning

I want to start hosting events more regularly, and making them better and better.

Apply for this role if: You love bringing people together physically and helping to facilitate local community. If you're organized and are up to the task of coordinating with sponsors, putting together a promo plan, and directly reaching out to your friends to get them excited about our events, this is the role for you.

To apply for any:

Just send a message to

Tell me why you’re interested and what you can bring to the team. It would also be useful if you could attach a 1-page resume, or a short of summary of your experience in either field.

Thank you in advance for your interest in helping out! Year 2 of The Reindeer Club is going to be legendary.

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