Jordan Ekeroth

Why Starting The Reindeer Club Podcast Is Embarrassing For Me

Jordan Ekeroth

When I was a kid, I hatched this amazing plan to make myself a small fortune.

The plan was simple - I knew that I could make a few bucks in an hour by washing my parents’ cars for them. So why not multiply that amount by every other person in the neighborhood? They all had cars, vans, trucks, and I bet most of those people liked to keep 'em clean.

I wasn’t naiveyou know. I realized that there were plenty of businesses that offered a similar car washing service. But 1: how many of them made house calls, and 2: how many of those could match my prices?

I didn’t exactly have any bills; I could afford to undercut everybody in my attempt to monopolize the neighborhood car washing market. I had a plan for marketing, for upselling. The sky was the limit.


I’ve probably started 200 projects in my life. Most of them, like the car washing business, have failed. And they haven’t failed for any external, conventional reason. They’ve failed because I’ve given up on them. Because as soon as I get to the part where real work needs to be done, like the actual washing of cars, for instance, I balk and seek the path of least resistance. Because whenever I have one idea that I’m actively working on, I have three others ready to sing me their siren song whenever things get tough.

I’m a serial quitter. And not in a positive, Bob Goff, quit-a-bad-habit-every-Thursday kind of quitter. The lazy kind.

It’s embarrassing.


So here I go, with yet another idea. The Reindeer Club and its podcast.

And I want to birth this thing and create this thing not just for my own benefit, but for the benefit of all my friends and family. For the benefit of people I haven’t yet met, and people who I never will meet.

In order to birth such a project, I need to promote it. I need to tell everyone about it. I need my friends to help me by getting the word out.

I need to ask people to share my project on Facebook. To tell people to go subscribe to the podcast. But I’ve already done that so many times before. So many blogs before, so many projects before, new websites, new passions. I feel like the Boy Who Cried Wolf.

How many times do I get to call for support before I’ve completely used up all my social capital?


I’m releasing the first episode of the podcast tomorrow.

And this is not the GET HYPED pre-release I’ve done for projects in the past. This is me slightly embarrassed and a little more humble, standing before you with a: “here, I made this.”

I am so excited to start the new podcast. I’ve worked really hard to refine the vision and to assemble the tools needed to bring it to life.

I guess if nothing else I’m still a dreamer and a visionary, and I see The Reindeer Club and the community I hope to build around it as a wonderful and impactful thing.

So that’s why I wanted to make this post. To let the other disenchanted artists and unmotivated entrepreneurs out there know that I am one of you.

We all have great things within us. I am calling, humbly, for the help of anyone who can help me get this message out. Let this project, should it “succeed,” become an example of the fact that our previous, embarrassing failures do not need to define us.

When I failed to make a small fortune by washing cars, I could have just thrown in the towel and decided to never try building a project bigger than myself ever again. But I didn’t. I simply realized one thing that I could clearly say was not my passion in life.

I’ve added a LOT of things to the not-my-passion list since then. I’ll probably still add many more. But I’m going to keep going, because it feels like every embarrassing failure gets me a little closer to the success I’m looking for.

We don’t need to let ourselves be limited by failure. We can always learn from it.


This post and this project is dedicated to the friends and family members that believe in my vision. Thank you so much.